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Whey & Whey Proteins

Instant Isolate Protein

Instant & Non Instant Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate Instant is produced by a proprietary process that isolates the native whey proteins in a highly concentrated form. This product features the functional characteristics of whey proteins which include aeration, gelation, emulsification, and water binding. The high protein concentration will provide exceptional nutritional value to a wide variety of applications. The high solubility of this product provides additional functionality. It consists of 90% dry protein, a maximum of 6.5% moisture, 5.0% ash, 3.0% lactose, 1.0% fat, and a pH value of 6.0%. This product has dispersibility, nutritive value, bland flavor profile, soluble in a wide pH range, low fat, and a balanced amino acid profile. Whey Protein Isolate Instant can be used in sports and health drinks, protein fortified beverages, nutritional supplements, a nutraceutical ingredients, infant formulas, and as an egg white replacer.  Contact The Milky Whey, Inc. to learn more or to place an order of instant and non instant whey protein isolate, large or small quantities.

Whey Protein Concentrate 80%

Whey protein concentrate is a great supplement for body building, maximizing protein consumption for the benefit of increased muscle mass.  Whey Protein typically has low fat levels and cholesterol but. It has high levels of bioactive compounds as well as carbohydrates in the form of lactose; they are only 29% to 89% protein by weight. 

The Milky Whey, Inc.’s Whey Protein Concentrate 80% is a product of processing by ultrafiltration the liquid whey from Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese manufacturing. The concentrate is spray dried to form a consistent functional powder.


Whey Protein 80%

Whey Protein Concentrate 34%

Commonly used for sports nutrition products such as protein powders and sports bars, but can also be implemented  in cheese, drinks, and yogurt products as well. Contact The Milky Whey, Inc. to learn more or to place an order of whey protein concentrate 34%, in large or small quantities.

Sweet Whey Powder

The Milky Whey, Inc., offers sweet whey powder, which is derived from cheese, where only the water has been removed; a great product used in many foods to increase the nutritional value and support the appearance and consistencies of some products.  Contact The Milky Whey, Inc. to learn more or to place an order of sweet whey powder, large or small quantities.

Sweet Whey Powder
Deproteinized Whey Powder

Deproteinized Whey Powder and Whey Permeate

Deproteinized whey powder and whey permeate are the removal of solids and proteins from whey.  Contact The Milky Whey, Inc. to learn more or to place an order of deproteinized whey powder and whey permeate, large or small quantities.

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