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Quality, wholesale dairy ingredients on your schedule. ​

We deliver relationships, market information & opportunities. Every order, we are always looking out for you.


From salted or unsalted butter to anhydrous milkfat, we have you covered. 


USDA-certified certified organic dairy ingredients to include dairy powders, proteins, various cheeses, and butter.


The Milky Whey offers a vast array of milk powders from instant nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, buttermilk, milk protein concentrates, and caseinates.


From non-dairy creamers to ice cream blends, yogurt powders, bakery blends, cultured buttermilk and dairy solids, we can fulfill your needs. We also work closely with you to formulate custom dairy blends.


The Milky Whey offers a full line of goat milk and protein powders.


Whether it’s sports nutrition or feed ingredients, we cover it all. We offer whey powder, whey proteins, isolates, and deproteinized whey. Everything from one bag to truckload volumes.

We deliver relationships, market information, & opportunities.

Are you tired of purchasing your dairy products in an uncertain market? With fluctuating costs, evolving needs, changing volumes, and a dependency on quality as well as consistency, the dairy commodities market can be a challenge for buyers and business owners. Our market knowledge can be your greatest asset.

Complete solutions

for dairy commodities & custom blends

Don’t fight with suppliers on delivery times or quality control. The Milky Whey, Inc. goes the extra mile to get your product delivered in a reasonable amount of time at the best market price.

Need a specific dairy product?

Not sure which specific dairy ingredient will work best for your finished product? We offer expert product knowledge and can advise you accordingly.

Struggling with the dairy market?

We follow the markets closely and keep you informed to changes based on your individualized needs.

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Looking for Halal, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, or Grass-Fed Dairy Products?

Products are available in various bulk package sizes, with or without kosher and/or halal certification. Specific ingredients are also offered as USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and/or grass-fed. Please provide your requirements when requesting information.

We have the right dairy ingredients.


The Milky Whey, Inc. is focused on the global dairy trade. We supply ingredients to food and feed manufacturers on several continents and we are committed to providing accurate market-based information, superior products and service, to better assist you in procuring the finest ingredients at the best possible price.

I chose to work with The Milky Whey because they had competitive rates, but that isn’t why I stay. Aside from being a one-stop shop for all of our needs, they offer hands-off service that I can rely on.​ Their on-time delivery is exceptional. They keep me informed and advised on market adjustments. Their products ship on time with no quality issues. They’re dependable, professional, and friendly.​
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Switching dairy suppliers

It's simple.


Find your product

Review our products to find the right match for your specific needs. We can accommodate custom dairy blends or help you match with the right fat or powder for your end product.

  View our spec sheets.


Contact a Rep

Our reps are helpful. Hands down the best resources you can contact regarding your dairy needs. Our information is no-nonsense, non-committal, and invaluable. 

Our clients view us as their secret weapon.
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Receive the quality ingredients you expect

No obligation analysis of your current pricing gives you an idea of what you are missing. The Milky Whey, Inc. will get you a better price, more reliable delivery, and no-hassle communication.

Sometimes change is a good thing.
Make the switch.

Dairy Ingredients

Whether a truckload or bag

we're looking ahead for you

The dairy markets are always changing and who the hell knows what it’s going to be doing tomorrow, or next month, or in the next 6 months…well, actually, we know. We make it our business to know exactly what’s going on in the dairy markets. We make it our business to get you the right price, the right supply, and the right products on time, in order, and without hassle.

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"The Milky Whey will let you in on what the future is going to be in the dairy market so you can plan accordingly. They also come up with every possible option to get your needs met at the price point you want or within whatever range of time. " 
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"The Milky Whey is a well-run and organized. They know their core items and know the industry they are in. They’re on top of the changes in the world of whey. They know what is what is going on in the market. They’ve been very good about letting me know what is going on in their world and helping me adjust. They know their shit and they're good at it."

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"The Milky Whey have been very helpful. Whenever I have a request, whether asking for pricing availability or even asking them to help me locate a lab for a specific requirement, they always have answered my questions. They have been a great help as far as my job goes. The whole process has been very smooth and very pleasant."

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"They're a one-stop shop for all of my dairy needs. They make it a lot easier for me to handle all of our volume across the country. They're a supplier that, over the years, has been very hands off. They ship product on time with no quality issues. It's not just pricing anymore. "

Ask a Question

Have a question about our dairy products? Reach out to our team for a non-committal conversation about how we can help you solve your dairy powder needs.

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