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Dairy Products

Dairy Products for Your Needs

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Organic Dairy Products

The Milky Whey, Inc. offers a complete line of USDA-certified organic dairy ingredients to include dairy powders, proteins, various cheeses and butter.

Milk Products
40 Mesh Edible Lactose


We offer a wide range of lactose powders to cover your feed, edible and pharmaceutical needs as well as many packaging options and mesh sizes.

Butter & Fats

From salted or unsalted butter to butter oils, we have you covered. We will also work hand in hand with you to create customized fat or butter blend ingredients to meet your needs.

anhydrous milk fat
Sweet Cream Buttermilk

Milk Powders & Milk Proteins

The Milky Whey, Inc. offers a vast array of milk powders from instant nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, buttermilk, milk protein concentrates and caseinates. We also carry a wide range of hormone-free milk powders as well.

Goat Milk & Protein Powders

The Milky Whey, Inc. offers a full line of domestic and imported goat milk and protein powders.

Milk Products
goat protein concentrate 60%

Whey Powders & Whey Proteins

Whether it’s sports nutrition or feed ingredients, we can cover it all. We offer whey powder, whey proteins and isolates, deproteinized whey, acid whey and whey protein hydrolysates. Everything from one bag to truckload volumes.

Custom Dairy Blends & Specialty Ingredients

From non-dairy creamers to ice cream blends, yogurt powders, bakery blends, cultured buttermilk and dairy solids, we can fullfill your needs. We also work closely with you to formulate custom dairy blends.

Whole Milk Powder 26%

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