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Custom Dairy Blends & Specialty Ingredients

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The Milky Whey, Inc. offers a wide range of custom and specialty dairy ingredients that can be tailored to fit our specific customer’s needs.  Whether you require a large order or a small order, we will help you find the ideal product no matter the size; we work closely with our customers in developing specialty dairy blends.  Contact The Milky Whey to learn more or to place an order of our custom dairy blends and specialty ingredients, large or small quantities.


Some of our custom dairy ingredients include:
Cheese Powders
Dairy and Non-Dairy Creamers
Buttermilk Replacers
Nonfat Replacers
Yogurt Powder
Greek Yogurt Powder
Sour Cream Powder

Cream Powder

Cream Cheese Powder
Cultured Buttermilk Powder

Organic Blends/Options


Please contact us, The Milky Whey, and let us know how we can help.

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