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Lactose Powders for Brewers, Brewing Supply, and Home Brews


The Milky Whey offers a selection of mesh lactose options to suit your specific needs for any brew. 


Consistent delivery. Consistent quality. What else is there to say? You need predictability for your beer, we can deliver.


The dairy market is more chaotic that you'd know...but we know. And we make it our business to bring that market knowledge to our clients.


We offer organic lactose as an option for any brewer or brewing supply company looking for that USDA stamp.

Market information & opportunities delivered to Brewers. Unmatched quality and consistency for your Lactose Products.

As a brewer, brewing supplier, or home brewer, you know that quality depends on consistency. Not to mention, pivoting to shifting demands and seasonal expectations for lactose-based beers. You need a supplier that understands these market fluctuations and helps you continue to create a great brew that you can stand behind. 

Check our our lactose options to incorporate into your next milk stout, hazy IPA, cream ale, or sour beer.

Bulk, Wholesale, and Pallets of Lactose Product for Brewing

From pallets to bags, we’ve worked to deliver lactose all over the country to brewers and brewing supply companies for decades. You’ve got budgets to set, deadlines to meet, and beers to brew. We’ve got the lactose you need to make that perfect hazy IPA, milk stout, or sour beer without the hassle.

Lactose for Brewers

The Milky Whey, Inc.’s 40, 100, 200 and Organic mesh edible lactose options are a free flowing powder produced from fresh sweet dairy whey which has been further processed by crystallization.  Best known to brewers as the source of sweetness in sweet stouts, such as milk stout or cream stout, our lactose can add that right touch of flavor that you’re looking for with your next brew.

Lactose for Brewing Supply Companies

Brewing supply companies can benefit from working with a dedicated dairy resource to help deal with fluctuations in pricing and delivery. If you’re here, you’re likely shopping around or dealing with a set back. We get it and we can help. 

Our lactose comes in 40, 100, and 200 mesh sizes as well as with Organic options. Check out our spec sheet for more detailed info or chat with one of our representatives to find out how they can save you some headache with your current pallet orders.

Lactose for Home Brewers

Ready to start brewing your own favorite sour beer, hazy IPA, milk stout, or porter? You may be an experienced homebrewer just looking for a new resource for your lactose supply or are starting off experimenting with different beer styles. A quality lactose will make all the difference in your end result. Start strong with a quality lactose. Order today.