The Milky Whey, Inc., a wholesale distribution company, was founded in 1993 and serves the dairy ingredient needs of the domestic United States and Canada. Our customers span the spectrum of food, industrial, and feed manufacturers. Our products range from dairy commodities such as nonfat dry milk, buttermilk powder, whole milk powder, whey powder, whey protein concentrate, cheese, butter, butterfat products, to specialty ingredients like nondairy creamers, cheese powders, and cream powders.

TMW International, Inc. is focused on the global dairy trade. We supply ingredients to food and feed manufacturers on several continents and we are committed to providing accurate market-based information, superior products and service, to better assist you in procuring the finest ingredients at the best possible price.

Our Formula for Success: From the very beginning, the core principle of our business has been to arm our customers with accurate market information to assist them in making good decisions for their bottom line, and supplying premium products backed by superior service. By combining our understanding of the dairy markets, our product knowledge, and our experience and capabilities with your product requirements, we are uniquely able to provide innovative dairy ingredient solutions. These solutions range from simple guidance in your ingredient decisions, to specifically formulated blends tailored to best fit your requirements.

The Milky Whey is dedicated to delivering superior service to our customers, and we succeed thanks to our outstanding team. Meet Our Team.

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